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Principal’s Message


Dear Parents,

In the Elementary School at the Universal American School of Kuwait, students and teachers are working hard to make the most of the time we have remaining in the academic year. Quarter 3 ends on March 30 and Quarter 3 Report Cards go home on April 9. We ask all of our UAS parents to encourage their students to keep focused on learning during the four weeks remaining before Spring Break.  It is our sincere hope that students will be well rested after our two week Spring Break (April 16-27), and will be ready to finish the remaining six weeks of school demonstrating high achievement for the school year.

Here at UAS we focus on helping students take ownership of their learning. As independent, self-motivated learners, they will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in a global academic setting. I have been at UAS for three years, and have seen the academic excellence of which our students are capable. We have only a short time remaining in the school year, and working together, we will ensure that our students complete the year prepared for the next grade level.

We continue to expect kindness and humility from every member of the UAS community. When students show respect for self and others, they will always meet behavior expectations.

It has been my great honor to work with such a wonderful group of students, teachers and parents this year.  We have much to celebrate in our 40th year of excellence in education at UAS.

Thank you for all of your support to this point in the school year, and thank you for helping our students to finish strong.

Warm regards,

Mark Charles

Elementary Principal

Universal American School – Kuwait

Vice Principal’s Message


Dear UAS Parents and Students,

As we progress towards the end of this school year, it is imperative that we maintain a positive and productive learning environment.Students at the elementary level need to have clear expectations for behavior and sense of consistency for behavior in their classrooms, on the playground, on the bus, and at home.Please support us by continuing to follow and enforce, classroom guidelines as well as the discipline policy found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

In addition to following the policy on discipline, please support our students in having a strong finish by; ensuring that they have a healthy breakfast before school, getting them to school on time, checking their lunches for healthy snacks, and by reviewing and signing their student planners each night. Working together, we make a difference in the lives of our students. Please join us in our efforts.

April Weems

Elementary Vice Principal