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High School Principal’s Message


Dear Parents,

What an exciting year!  It’s the year of Class of 2019 and it has been a memorable one for all.   From the first BBQ of the year, Oscar Night, Honor Roll assemblies, the Talent show, the various contests in the yard, studying for your finals, especially AP, applying to your top choice in college/universities and getting that acceptance letter are just a few of the memories that you will take with you as you end this chapter in your book of life.  I wish that all your dreams will come true.   Take that leap and don’t look back.  

To the underclassman, this is your time to make the memories you want to have.   If you don’t desire your dreams, you will never achieve them.   You need to make goals yourself academically and socially and work towards them.   I know each and every one of you try your best and that is all anyone can ask of you.  You will achieve your goals and be proud of yourselves.  

I love the time I am able to speak to you on an individual basis during passing periods, during your lunch time and at school social activities.   It great to hear about what you are doing after school, your vacation plans and what you do with your family.  This interaction has allowed me to understand the Kuwaiti culture and how teenagers are teenagers, whether they live in the US or in the Middle East.  My past three years in Kuwait have been a learning experience for me since this is the first place I have lived outside the USA.   Enjoy your summer and rest.  We will see everyone in September for the 2019-2020 school year!

Ms. Melissa M. Groetsch

UAS High School Principal

High School Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

It has been an amazing year thus far. We have had Amazing academic, artistic, athletic and social events this year at UAS and we still have some Amazing events left on the calendar. As we close out the 2018-19 academic year it is imperative that our students continue to maintain and uphold the high moral and academic standards that we expect of all students here at UAS. This is the time of year where the high school students start to envision their status and goals for next year. Our seniors (Class of 2019) will be going off to college, our juniors (Class of 2020) are getting ready to become the senior leaders that we expect them to be. Our sophomores (Class of 2021) will become juniors and our freshman (Class of 2022) will become sophomores. Our middle school eighth grade (Class of 2023) students are preparing to embark on their high school dreams as freshman next year.  Our staff is always here to help your child be successful in any way we can. Let us finish the year with focus, discipline and hard work so that we can have a great foundation for the 2019-20 academic year.        



Dr. Aquil Bayyan

UAS High School Vice Principal