Our Message

High School Principal’s Message

Welcome Back Students and Parents

All of us at the Universal American School hope that you have enjoyed your summer and we look forward to another amazing school year.  We extend a warm welcome to our returning families and those families just joining our Universal American School community.  We are delighted that you have chosen a world class education…a Universal American School education… for your students.

A new school year is always a time for excitement, anticipation, and provides an opportunity to begin fresh, set new goals, and renew your commitment to excellence.  A successful and rewarding high school experience requires the collaboration of all of us-school, parents, and students-and we welcome your active participation in your child’s high school experience.  By working together we can make sure that the Universal American School remains the school of excellence and tradition it has been for over 40 years.  Marhaba!!


Rick Bartman

High School Principal


High School Vice Principal’s Message

I am thrilled to begin this 2019-2020 school year as the new vice principal at UAS! Please allow me to introduce myself and give you some background information on me. This will be my 15th year working in education and my 6th year as an administrator. I am originally from Houston, Texas, U.S. where I have worked with students from all over the world, especially those students whose first language is not English. While this is my first time working overseas, I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge base and experiences to UAS. I am even more excited to meet and work with the UAS students and to build relationships with the surrounding community this school year.

We have a lot of jargon and acronyms in education. Many of these are important. However, I believe that our core values and beliefs are what define us as educators. Over the years, I have created a long list of beliefs to form my own educational philosophy. While I think all of these beliefs are essential, I will share just three of those with you. One is I believe in a leadership style that is collaborative and makes every effort to listen to multiple perspectives and input while making a decision. In relation to that, I believe students’ best interest should be at the heart of those decisions. Another belief I hold is that a positive learning environment is built by establishing clear and high expectations, while at the same time giving clear and positive feedback along the way to meeting and succeeding those expectations. Lastly, I believe that a common shared belief that all students can make great strides in their learning is one of the most powerful tools in promoting student achievement.

I look forward to working in collaboration with the other administrators at UAS at all of the different levels. Although our main focus is on high school students, our work is a K-12 joint venture. We strive to align our vision and efforts for an excellent educational experience here. I also look forward to building upon the many great things UAS has already accomplished and am hopeful we will continue to reach new heights. I am looking forward to better understanding a new culture and language as well. Here’s to a great start to a new school year!




Shawn Calvert

High School Vice Principal