Our Message

High School Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks, we will finish the first semester at Universal American School, Kuwait.  It is a joy and pleasure for us to educate your student(s) academically, with the tradition and values that UAS holds dear.

Our strength lies in those values and traditions but also in our diversity that brings the world to our doorstep.  We employ the best educators and staff from around the world for our students.  Our teachers see students as individual learners and continuously assess where each of their students is as they learn new concepts and demonstrate that learning through doing.

At UAS, Kuwait, we inspire, support, and celebrate excellent teaching and when needed guide and develop that teacher who may need extra support in achieving what we demand in a UAS education.

We work with you, the parent, who are the first and principle teachers of our student(s,) to partner in fostering the moral, ethical, and academic training they need to successfully navigate adulthood.

Finally, rest assured that our environment is safe and nurturing.  We see your student as the individual he/she is and celebrate the similarities and differences we all have.  The high school is a place to learn complex information, develop friendships, and explore what it means to be a child of the 21st century.

Thank you for your trust as we move forward together.


Rick Bartman, High School Principal

Universal American School, Kuwait

High School Vice Principal’s Message

We have accomplished much so far this year! We have celebrated many successes and initiated important changes in an effort to move the high school forward and in a positive direction. I have had the great opportunity of working alongside the teachers and other staff members in many of these endeavors.  More importantly, I have seen firsthand the many wonderful things our students have participated in, achieved, and even lead. Many tireless hours of effort have not gone unnoticed.

We continue to be committed to the goal of providing the type of instruction and opportunities that will prepare our students for what lies ahead for them, both in school and beyond. I am confident that during this spring semester we will build on the foundation of great things that have been taking place here at UAS. I’m looking forward to experiencing more good things to come.




Mr. Shawn Calvert

Vice Principal

UAS High School