Our Message

High School Principal’s Message

As UAS celebrates its 40th year as a leading school in Kuwait’s education landscape, we are proud to be a part of your daily life. The UAS learning community has a strong sense of who we want to be, in keeping with the school’s mission, you will find the tone positive and safe. Our staff is enthusiastic and ready to engage students to realize their potential in all aspects of their learning.

As Principal, my role is to help guide students to make good decisions regarding their citizenship and behavior. Teachers work cohesively with students to forge meaningful partnerships in learning, and they model ethics in a structured school environment that supports our school’s honor code. The ethical and moral tone of the UAS High School, matched with respect for self, peers, and staff is the perfect recipe for success at UAS.

School, as in life, requires balance; in addition to the academic rigors of high school, students can and should get involved in the many extra-curricular activities that take place within our walls. Eagle spirit, skill and pride can be demonstrated through our athletic offerings (volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and field, etc….) and through our clubs (Green Ambassadors, Model United Nations, Student Council, NHS, Band, etc…). Students who find this balance are among those who are best able to experience success beyond our campus. The Universal American School staff and students pride themselves on academic excellence as well as on the strong character attributes demonstrated within the walls of the building and within the community.

A strong partnership between home and school helps to provide students with a supportive environment. We have much to be thankful for and we are proud to be leaders on Kuwait’s international school stage. I look forward to the exciting year ahead.

Mr. David McMurray

UAS High School Principal

Coordinator of Academic Support Services



High School Vice Principal’s Message


As an educator of twenty-five years, I am honored to serve your children at UAS as their Vice Principal! This is my first international experience and I am eager to learn about the culture. As their Vice Principal, I am here to assist you in the area of behavior, attendance and academics. The mission of the school will be applied to all goals that we have for your child. High expectations with a firm hand will guide the students of UAS to become responsible adults. Your child should be an accomplished well rounded international student that has the goal of attending a post-secondary institution of their choice after graduation. I am here to serve parents, staff, community members and especially the students of our school. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Ms. Melissa Groetsch

UAS High School Vice Principal