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High School Principal’s Message


Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am excited to welcome you all back to school. We are privileged to work with an outstanding group of teachers and staff that will make it a smooth transition for you in these unique times.


We have been working hard all summer to plan for a productive and enhanced learning experience through eLearning. Our instruction will be dynamic and personalized to ensure that every student can learn, excel, and achieve. We will lead you to achieve to your full potential. Make good decisions, study hard, and fully participate in all instructional activities.


A new school year is always a time for excitement, anticipation, and provides an opportunity to begin fresh, set new goals, and renew your commitment to excellence. In this different world we are living in, my hope for you is that this is a personally fulfilling year for you all. I look forward to welcoming you all back to UAS for a fantastic year.


High School Principal

Universal American School, Kuwait

High School Vice Principal’s Message


No one could have predicted the circumstances under which we would be finishing out this school year. Just two months ago, we could not have even imagined what the state of the world would be like with the Covid-19 outbreak and the effects it would have on education everywhere, not to mention the many, many other facets of society. We are living through a time that is historic and will be discussed and studied on multiple fronts for years and years to come. 


With that, I’m proud of how you have responded to our E-Learning program and the way you have stepped up to meet this new and ever-changing challenge. Please keep in mind that teachers, administrators, counselors, IT teams and more, had to put together a plan that helped move learning forward on extremely short notice. Our work and your work changed on a dime. As such, the plan evolved and expanded as we found out more information about extending school shutdowns, as we strove to align our practices with government expectations, and as we listened to parent and student feedback.  In the process, teachers have become more skilled at creating screencasts, videos, online discussions, and at using other online teaching resources to enhance lessons. Students have had to manage their time in completely different ways and have had to engage with learning in a format that is one hundred percent online. We have maintained our usual high standards, but have also given ample opportunity for students to turn in missing work and to better understand concepts through follow-up explanations. With my own son in high school, I have had a unique view because I could see things working from both ends, the teachers’ perspective and the students’ perspective. Without a doubt, it was a hard adjustment for both sides, but our high student participation rates in E-Learning is a testament to everyone’s perserverance and commitment in this trying situation. Though messy at times, through it all, students and teachers have developed new and creative ways to instruct and learn. Again, I’m proud of how we responded to this unprecedented crisis. 


I hope you all stay safe and healthy this summer. For the graduating seniors, I truly wish you all the best as you embark on a new and thrilling phase of your life. You are not alone in what you had to sacrifice this year, but I know these experiences will shape and prepare you in unforgettable ways. Inshallah we will see our returning students in September for our 2020-2021 school year, with new skills acquired and a completely new perspective. 


Please stay connected to our social media outlets and webpage for updates regarding school openings as decided by the Ministry.


Thank you and please take care,


High School Vice Principal

Universal American School, Kuwait