Our Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Nursery and KG Parents,

It’s Spring and your children, our students, are really beginning to blossom into inquisitive learners! We have had a year rich with new experiences, language acquisition and friendships, and we aren’t finished yet!  This last quarter of the year is when everything begins to come together and great strides are continuously made.  KG2 students are eager to express their thoughts in writing and use their emergent reading skills; KG1 students have refined their fine-motor skills and are proud when they can write their names independently or count past 20 and Nursery students enjoy the socialization that school offers and have begun to make friendships that could last a lifetime. These are milestone moments in your child’s life and we, the entire staff of the Early Childhood Department, are proud to share them with you.

UAS is celebrating over 40 years of being a cornerstone of education in Kuwait.Your child and family are part of a caring community at UAS, a family that embraces the best in family values and American education.  At UAS we take the education,تربية of your child very seriously and strive to fulfill its Arabic meaning, ‘to raise a child’ by being conscious of their needs, socially, emotionally, physically and academically. In the West we often say, “It takes a village to raise a child”; dear parents, we are your village and your child will always benefit when we all work together.

Whether your child is staying in Kindergarten next year, or moving on to Elementary, we have truly enjoyed being a part of their educational journey!

Wishing you and your family a blessed Ramadan, to all who observe!

Mrs. Sarah Borisly

KG Principal


Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

This is the end of second semester and we are at the culmination of a wonderful year full of many accomplishments on the part of your child. They have been able to establish long lasting friendships, many have learned to hold a pencil for the first time, and to write their first story. They have participated in several wonderful shows directed by our dedicated music teacher, Mrs. Kleuver and our Arabic staff. Your child has been on the road to learning how to become an independent learner through problem solving and risk taking.

It has been my pleasure to watch your child meet many educational milestones in their career here at UAS and with the help of our dedicated teaching staff they will continue to grow. We will say farewell to our KG-2 students who will continue their journey in the elementary next year and we wish them well.  We have appreciated all the support that you have given us to help make your child feel safe and secure here at UAS.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”




Cheryl Wells

KG Vice Principal