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Principal’s Message

Looking Forward to New Beginnings

Dear Parents of Nursery, KG1 and KG2,

While this year has certainly not turned out in the usual way, it has tested us and shown us that growth is always the right option. Challenges come and go, how we face them and learn from them are what matters most. These are important skills we try to instill in our students, your children: to persevere through struggles and find other ways to solve a problem when the first try didn’t work. We have all had a big serving of both over the past few months, but I have definitely seen our community bonds grow stronger over this time. We have learned to lean on and learn from one another, in ways we hadn’t imagined possible. There is a strong sense of satisfaction in knowing we faced troubled times and succeeded, but I truly am looking forward to returning to the day when we can safely welcome everyone back into school and continue learning in the company of teachers and classmates.

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant summer and all the blessings of the Holy month of Ramadan to our families who are observing.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Sarah Borisly
KG Principal

Universal American School



Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

We are approaching the end of the school year and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and understanding in this unsettling time. Teachers, parents and students have come together as one learning community on our journey to the culmination of a year full of many accomplishments. Your child has learned how to become an independent learner who is able to problem solve and take risks. This year more than ever, your child has set the stage to becoming a life-long learner. You as a parent have also been given this precious opportunity to work one-on-one with your child and to see for yourself the wonder of learning something new for the first time in the eyes of your child. Through this devastating period, we have all become teachers and students and again I thank you for your support.

It has been my pleasure to watch your child meet many educational milestones in their career here at UAS with the help of our dedicated teaching staff. We will say farewell to our KG-2 students as they will continue their journey onto the Elementary School and we wish them well.  We have appreciated all the support that you have given to help us make your child feel safe and secure here at UAS. It has been difficult for the teachers and staff not to have the opportunity to say farewell in person to your child; however, please know that we are all proud of your child’s accomplishments and wish you a safe and restful summer.



Cheryl L. Wells

KG Vice Principal

Universal American School