Our Framework

  1. UAS Library Strategic Plan
  2. Collection Development Policy
    1. Selection Criteria
    2. Book Donations
    3. Weeding and Withdrawals form the Collection
    4. Book Review Committee

1 .  UAS Library Strategic PlanThe UAS Library is an information center that provides access to a wide range of information resources, in both print and electronic format, teaches information literacy skills and integrates interdisciplinary learning activities to support the curriculum. It is a major source of information and curriculum support.

The library will fulfill the aims as set by the American Association of School Libraries (AASL), in order to ensure compliance with international library standards and accreditation expectations.

This plan outlines the library’s role to ensure that students, teachers, and staff are effective users of ideas and information through the following actions:

  • Supporting and complementing the instructional program.
  • Meeting the independent reading needs of students
  • Providing teachers and students with a variety of print and non-print materials, services, and equipment to stimulate literary appreciation, artistic values, and ethical standards
  • Teaching students to access and use information to make intelligent judgments
  • Encourage students to read for information and pleasure
  • Sponsoring reading promotion programs such as book fairs and reading groups
  • Involving teachers, students and their parents to work as library volunteers

2 . Collection Development Policy

a). Selection Criteria

The selection of all library/media materials is the responsibility of the Librarian in collaboration with principals and faculty

Selection is based on recommendation, reviews, and other sources of professional library organizations and other resources.

In line with the library’s goals to support the curriculum, suggestions made by faculty members for materials related to the curriculum are reviewed and evaluated for relevancy, currency and availability and included into the library if approved.

In order to select appropriate materials, the library takes into account the following criteria:

The intellectual, social, psychological, and emotional development of the students

The authorship authority, content accuracy, literary merit, durability of information, cost, and curriculum relevance of the material

The physical format of the material, with preferences to hard cover books, DVDs (instead of videos), electronic subscriptions to journals (instead of print with exceptions to core journals)


b). Book Donations

All donations are judged by the same criteria as purchased materials and will be accepted or rejected accordingly.

Faculty, staff, students, and parent are more than welcome to suggest items for inclusion into the UAS Library, however, final approval for is pending the Librarian’s approval.


c). Weeding and Withdrawals from Collection

The UAS Library re-evaluates its collection periodically to maintain a collection that is current, appropriate and useful.

Before removing materials, we take into account the appearance, duplication, accuracy (currency), of the content, in addition to circulation statistics. However, exceptions may include material relevant to the curriculum and a primary source items.

The final decision concerning the removal or replacement of resources rests with the Head Librarian in consultation with the Superintendent.

d). Book Review Committee

The Book Review Committee exists to review the content of purchased materials that are intended for inclusion in the UAS Library collection.

Purchased materials must meet the requirements of the Kuwait Ministry of Education. The Committee may also meet to review written complaints or challenges to titles that are already on the Library shelves.