Our Message

The UAS Library Media Center is one of the most active places in the school. The Library is not just a place to find books, sit quietly and read. Students receive lessons in library skills and learn how to access, process and evaluate information. Our Library curriculum goes hand in hand with the classroom curriculum.

Students from Elementary, Middle, and High School may use the library between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily.

Our Mission

The mission of the Universal American School Library is to provide a collection of materials that will implement, enrich, and support the curriculum of the UAS and meet the individual, educational, emotional, and recreational needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Our Goals

  • To understand how information and resources are organized in the Library
  • To understand and use the research processes necessary to locate, evaluate and communicate information and ideas
  • To recognize that being an independent reader, listener and viewer of material in print, non-print and electronic formats will contribute to personal enjoyment and lifelong learning
  • To be aware of the freedom to seek information and possess the confidence to pursue information needs
  • To understand ethical, legal and social behavior with respect to information resources.

Our Values

  • To create a space that is conducive to reading, research, and studying
  • To provide a comprehensive collection of educational materials, in multiple formats, that supports the school curriculum
  • To provide for the learning needs of the UAS community
  • To provide core resource material and other resources to support the curriculum of the school.