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Principal’s Message

Dear UAS Middle School Families,

As I finish my fourth year as part of the UAS family, I am more proud than ever of the students and parents with whom I am blessed to work. Though the current circumstances could not be foreseen and are far from ideal, I am optimistic. My mother used to talk about finding the silver lining in every cloud, and Covid-19 is a dark cloud. A silver lining is hard to find. Following my mother’s advice, as we all should, here are my suggestions for a silver lining:

  1. Students have learned that the opportunity to go to school and acquire knowledge with their friends is a blessing. It is not guaranteed to most of the children in the world, and sometimes we take it for granted. Students should take the time to reflect on how much teachers and administrators care for them and push them to be better.
  2. Students see that they are responsible for learning. Characteristics like self-discipline, prioritization and tenacity are critical. Teachers have created wonderful, engaging virtual lessons, and the staff is doing all it can to serve and support. Ultimately, however, it is the students who are responsible. Time cannot be wasted.
  3. The World changes quickly. This global crisis is a great reminder that the world is moving towards more virtual learning and working spaces, and if students are not able to adapt, they will be left behind.

In ten years, a student may or may not remember the Quadratic Equation from a Middle School Math class or an historical fact from Social Studies. The three lessons above, however, should stay with them a lifetime.

On behalf of the Middle School staff, I want to thank you for allowing us to serve your children, even at a distance. If it were not for your guidance and support, the elearning platform would not have been as successful as it was; and I believe it was very successful. Parents should share in that success.

Charles Lester
Middle School Principal

Universal American School. 



Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, 

I wish to welcome students, staff, teachers, and parents to the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. The first half of the school year was a great success, marked by the continued academic growth of our students. We will continue to build on the strong foundation that we have set in the beginning of the school year.


I wish to thank the UAS staff for all of their efforts in creating an effective learning environment for our students. The hard work and dedication of our staff is what makes UAS great. I look forward to a strong finish to our 2019-2020 school year.

Michael James Gonzalez

Vice Principal