Our Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I cannot express how excited I am to start my first year at UAS! As an educator with 26 years of experience at all three levels of education, I have always prefered the middle school grades. While there are characteristics and qualities at the other two levels, the middle school years offer unique opportunities to shape the future of young people. It is in the middle years when students begin to form opinions and habits that will last a life-time.

As parents, I know it is your desire to provide your student with the best possible education, and to prepare them for top-tier universities and lucrative careers. Such an education requires highly qualified, innovative teachers with a passion for not only the subject they teach but the development and honing of 21st Century skills that will make them competitive in the global marketplace.

In a global economy it is not enough to simply master the traditional three R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Schools that concentrate solely on content and ignore the soft skills necessary to remain competitive are doing their students and their parents a disservice.

UAS is proud of the academic success of its students, and with good reason; 100% of UAS students go on to attend university.

It is important to keep in mind that UAS strives not only to prepare students with content, but also with the softer skills of the 4 C’s: collaboration, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and communication. This effort guarantees UAS graduates will enter university with an arsenal of knowledge and skills, and a distinct advantage over students coming from schools who focus strictly on content.

Whenever a new principal comes to a school, there are always changes as he or she brings with them a host of experiences and a fresh educational philosophy. I have much to learn about UAS. I had the pleasure of a brief visit to in May while school was in session. The visit was a wonderful experience.

Never have I been around a more pleasant and bright group of young people. Never have I experienced a school environment that was so obviously a family of professionals with a sincere and burning desire to see their students succeed.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. I look forward to getting to know your children as they develop into the young ladies and young men that you desire. I promise you that I will employ all of my experience, education, and talent to provide the best and most intensive education in Kuwait. I believe that our role at UAS is to supplement the rich and brilliant culture of our students with the knowledge and skills that an American-style education can provide.


Mr. Charles Lester

Vice Principal’s Message

ms-vice-principal-mr-roman-holmesThe aims of the middle school are to provide your child with an excellent teaching and learning environment, which focuses on a gradual acquistion of 21st century skill-sets. The world needs responsible, productive, and ethical citizens, and therefore, much of our collective energy in the middle school is spent honing in on these skills. Problems are inherently part of life, and the middle school provides a safe and structured setting where students can acquire the essential and necessary knowledge, understandings, and skills to cope with the academic and real-world demands that they will face.

My primary role as assistant principal is to help maintain a positive school climate. Each day that I arrive at school my goal is to help the students succeed within the classroom, and beyond. The safety, efficiency, and support of the school community is of utmost importance. In addition to instructional and operational management, I am responsible for helping students make morally and appropriate decisions regarding their behavior and conduct.

Forty years on, the Universal American School of Kuwait continues to be a leading institution of learning here in the State of Kuwait. This growth and accomplishment has only occurred because of the diligent relationships between parents, students, teachers, and admins. I look forward to helping your child realize their unique and developing potential as learners and members of the UAS community.

Mr. Roman Holmes