Our Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

In my message at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, I expressed my excitement and pleasure in being a part of the UAS family. That feeling not only persists but also continues to grow. I would have been proud to send my own children to UAS, and, in my mind, there is no higher praise. The teachers work hard to deliver the best education possible. Our goal is to prepare students for college and for life, to give them not only academic skills and knowledge but the ability to communicate and collaborate in a global environment. Every decision we make is devoted to preparing well-educated, confident global citizens, the leaders of tomorrow. If teachers, administrators, students, and parents work together, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be successful.


Mr. Charles Lester

Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Pms-vice-principal-mr-roman-holmesarents,

As we gradually move towards the end of the school year, the aims of the Middle School remain focused on providing your child with an excellent learning environment. More than ever before, the world demands responsible, productive, and ethical citizens. Therefore, much of our collective energy in the Middle School this year has been spent honing in on these skills. Problems are inherently part of life, and the Middle School provides a safe and structured setting where students can acquire the essential and necessary knowledge, understandings, and skills that are necessary in order to cope with the academic and real-world demands that they face not only now, but also in the future.

My goal this year has been to help create and maintain a positive school climate where students are rewarded for their commitment to honoring the tenants of the UAS Honor Code.  Doing so has only been possible thanks to the collective efforts of the hardworking teachers, the dedicated students, and the support of the parents.  I look forward to helping your child realize their unique and developing potential as learners and members of the UAS community.


Mr. Roman Holmes