Superintendent’s Message

December, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

The Universal American School is dedicated to providing an excellent teaching and learning environment where students learn and staff grow in their professional knowledge. We are living in a world where technological advances require us to stay on top of the changes that are produced from these advances that will affect careers, communication and learning environments. Did we ever think that cars would not need a human skilled driver behind the wheel to transport or that regular citizens can take pictures from flying equipment in the air? How many of us know what artificial intelligence is and the impact or potential impact this has on the economy and on businesses all over the world. We are living in very interesting times. We are preparing our students for an ever changing world that require them to develop skills and dispositions that will allow them to be successful citizens of the world. I am excited about this challenge and want you to know that all UAS staff are committed to making sure each of students are prepared to take the next steps in their journey to adulthood.


JoAn Canning, Superintendent